Spirit of Alma

Alma invites companies and staff to an inspirational day delving into the world of Hebrew culture.

Each program is adapted to the specific needs of the visiting organization and focuses on topics relevant to team building for that company. The study day is made up of Beit Midrash study sessions and intimate round-table seminars for small groups.

The day includes an experiential encounter with canonical Jewish-Hebrew-Israeli writings as well as world culture, the streets of the Hebrew city and those who created within it. The program is devoted to cultural activities, activities based on the world of arts in the widest sense, and activities designed to help develop tools for alternative, creative thinking that strengthen team work.

The study program is made up of a number of sessions that can be chosen from a wide variety of options, all specially-adapted to the specific needs of the company, and all led by Alma’s professional staff.  The program can be concentrated in one day or can be a series of meetings spread over several months. 

The entire program is held in Alma, Home of Hebrew Culture, an exceptional building, carefully preserved, in the center of Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city. 

For further details, contact us at 03-5663031 or alma@alma.org.il