Dr. Ruth Calderon

Founder and President
Educator. PhD from the Department of Talmud at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Graduate of the first cohort of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. In
1989, cofounded the Elul Midrash, with Moti Bar-Or. In 1996, established and
became the director of Alma, Home of Hebrew Culture. Created and presented the “Heder” program for Keshet Broadcasting, in which canonical Hebrew-Jewish texts were discussed by leading figures in Israeli culture. Directed the Culture and
Education Division of the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. Among her books is 'A Bride for One Night', a personal rendition of Talmudic legends (Keter, 2000 in Hebrew, JPS, 2014 in English); “A Talmudic Alpha Beta” (Yediot Aharonot, 2014); and
the children’s books “A Tale of Rain” and “The Princess and the Stone,” which are an introduction to Jewish sources for children from secular families. In recognition of her work, was awarded the AVI CHAI and Rotenberg prizes for Jewish education. Has received honorary doctorates from the Jewish Theological Seminary and Brandeis University, as well as the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Hebrew College in Boston, and Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. Faculty member of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, and the mother of three children.

Gal Elnir

Teacher of Talmud
Teaches Gemara at a variety of institutions, including Beit Porat College, Hevruta,
Hebrew University Jerusalem, and Alma, and lectures at Bar-Ilan University’s School of Basic Jewish Studies, which weaves together midrashic and academic studies.
Holds a BA in Jewish Thought and MA in the Teachings of the Sages from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and studied Gemara at the Migdal Oz- Beit Midrash for Women. Resident of Jerusalem.

Tuvia Gera

Teacher of Tanach (Bible)
Teaches Bible and facilitates group studies in various institutions through the
country, such as Elul.

Mendy Kahan

Teacher of Yiddish Culture
Founder of Yung Yiddish, an NPO dedicated to the preservation of Yiddish culture, located in Tel Aviv’s central bus station. Graduate in philosophy and Yiddish from the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

David Lieberman

Teacher of Talmud
Graduate of the Hebrew University Jerusalem in Literature and Talmud. Director of the Elul Beit Midrash. Author of Prayer of Man (Hebrew) about the Book of Psalms.

Dr. Yair Lipschitz

Teacher of Theater and Talmud
Senior lecturer in the Department of Theater Arts at Tel Aviv University. Researcher on the points of contact between theater, performance and Jewish tradition. Has taught in the Alma Beit Midrash for many years.

Dr. Yaakov Z. Meir

Teacher of Talmud
Writer and historian specializing in the history of books. Has taught in the Alma Bet Midrash for many years.

Dr. Jeremy Fogel

Academic Director
Lecturer in the department of Jewish Philosophy and the School of Education at Tel Aviv University; teaches at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, and lectures on philosophy to the general public in various frameworks. Holds a BA in philosophy from Cambridge University, and an MA and PhD in philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Netta Sobol

Teacher of Kabbalah and Zohar
Has been teaching kabbalah literature in general and the Zohar in particular for over
20 years in various frameworks. Although many kabbalistic traditions and ideas have
over the years penetrated into general Israeli culture, kabbalistic writings are still
strange to most of us. These writings reveal a challenging version of Judaism which is complex and different to what is generally known. In her lessons, Netta attempts to facilitate an unmediated meeting with ancient kabbalistic texts by means of joint readings which can, surprisingly, reveal anew a fertile and inspiring dialogue, every time.

Dr. Merav Roth

Studies Facilitator, Alma Beit Midrash
Head of the psychotherapy program at Tel Aviv University; scientific editor and
author of chapters and articles in the field of psychoanalysis and related fields;
author of “Ma koreh le’koreh? (Carmel, 2017), published in English under the title, “A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Reading Literature – Reading the Reader” (Routledge, 2020).

Neria Shapira

Teaching Coordinator
BA in Jewish studies and geology from the Hebrew University Jerusalem and MA in Talmud from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Asaf Tamari

Teacher of Hassidism and Kabbalah
Historian specializing in the connection between religious, scientific and political
thought among Jews in various periods from medieval Spain to contemporary Israel.
His main research area is the thought of the mekubalim in the Ottoman Empire at
the onset of the modern era. His first book, “God as patient – the Kabbala of Yitzhak ben Shlomo Lurie as medical disputation” (Hebrew) is due to be published shortly by Magnes Press and the Van Leer Institute. Teaches at various institutions including Ben-Gurion University and the Shalem Institute, Jerusalem.